Ares Galaxy is free?

Yes, the software is open source and completely free, be wary of sites where registration fees are required to maintain development.


Why should I choose Ares Galaxy?

Ares Galaxy is one of the most popular and robust P2P (Peer-to-Peer) program available. It is already available for Windows, and sorry but at this time we don’t offer it for Mac or Linux. Furthermore, it does not require complex commands and features clear menus and simple toolbars, which include basic functions to simplify the P2P sharing process. Ares Galaxy works behind firewalls and requires zero configuration. Ares Galaxy works well also on restricted networks, so that data sharing is enabled between two peers behind a firewall.


Do I need a high speed internet to get Ares Galaxy Download?

No, a dial up connection will work just fine, it will just take longer to download or share your files.


Why would I download from the Official website?

This is the only site created by the Ares Galaxy software development community. You can download through us with the confidence that you are safe from adware, spyware, viruses and deceptive business practices. The advertising space allows us to pay for the development without asking payment for the download. Ares Galaxy is the best secure and working P2P product giving you peace of mind and access to millions of shared files, including music, videos and images.

By installing the premium version you can get faster downloads and more sources. If you opt in for the premium version your use of Ares Galaxy is free of charge in exchange for safely sharing some of your device’s idle resources for the benefit of others. You may turn this off from settings. Please see our TOS https://aresgalaxy.io/terms/ and the SDK Privacy Policy at Luminati SDK Privacy Policy for further information.


Is this the original version of Ares Galaxy?

Yes, this is the original version of Ares Galaxy, the software is up to date, maintained, supports millions of users online and, once more, it is completely free.

Is there a paid Ares Galaxy?

Yes, but they are not official,  there are several unofficial paid versions, often called Ares represented by unofficial logos. These sites ask for a subscription fee or a payment for a support or maintenance service that is not needed, moreover the downloaded software is based on versions not updated over time.


Is the use of Ares Galaxy immediate? 

Its immediacy is evident upon opening, it is immediately ready to download, without having to make any configuration. The user interface is essential and easy to understand, highlighting the panel organization. Upon opening, you are directly in the file search section, so you can start typing the string relating to the file of interest in the appropriate field. The filter located below the search field is useful. If the file to search is music, you can click on the audio item, while if the file is a movie you can select the video one. The targeted search for content of interest is thus encouraged. When the search is complete, the results appear in a specific box and for each item details are provided on the title, author, category, size, status and reference torrent file.

How do I start the download?

To start downloading a file, simply click on it twice or alternatively open the menu with the right mouse button and select the appropriate item. A down arrow symbol should be displayed to the left of the item name to confirm the start. You can then access the Transfer panel where activities related to downloads in progress are highlighted. Also in this case you get a detail on the file, type, number of users, status, progress, speed, remaining time and bytes downloaded.

Is it possible to know if I am connected to the Ares Galaxy download network?

Make sure Ares’ status bar reads “Online” with the timer count. If not, one of the reasons may be that you haven’t installed the latest version.


How do I know which is the latest Ares Galaxy’s version? 

Visit and download only from our site: https://aresgalaxy.io/